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Ubergrad partners with Mile High Education to offer personalised Counselling services to its Students

This tie-up helps Ubergrad in fulfilling a long standing demand from its Students of hand-holding them through the entire process of applying to the US Universities - selecting the right and best fit courses and Universities, SOP (Statement of Purpose) and LOR (Letter of Recommendation) reviews, help in applying to the selected Universities, Visa guidance, Financial aid (loans) and scholarships information etc.

“We are thrilled to partner with Mile High Education”, said Ravindra Kumar Yerramsetti, Founder & CEO of Ubergrad. “Through this exclusive partnership, we are able to fulfil our vision of helping out the students completely and offer them the full bouquet of services. This is the first step in revolutionizing the traditional agency business, just as the internet has changed the travel agency business over the last 10 years. We look forward to this partnership that will benefit both our firms as well as our users.”

Confirming this partnership, Ms. Mangadeep, Managing Partner of Mile High Education, said “This partnership comes at a right time for us as we are now able to cater to a large number of students and help them achieve their overseas education dreams. With an excellent team having more than 5 years of overseas education experience and having helped more than 10,000 students, we are filling in the missing part of Ubergrad’s business – adding offline to their online part.”

Operating since 2014, thousands of students use Ubergrad website every year to search, compare and enquire about Courses and Universities abroad. The ease of use, complete transparency, self-help tools, plethora of information and most importantly ‘free-to-the-student’ makes Ubergrad a very popular site with prospective overseas education students. According to publicly available data, close to 200,000 Indian students enrol in US universities for graduate (masters) as well as under-graduate programs and a similar number travel to countries like UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Germany etc for their higher education ne ...

News Release: Ubergrad partners with Mile High Education to offer personalised Counselling services to its Students
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