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Types Of Shipping Containers Available In The Market

Australia, 22nd November 2017:With the introduction of the internet and improved communication facilities, international trade is booming with a direct influence on the importance of shipping containers. Whether you have a large or small consignment, shipping containers are now part of the flourishing international trade.

The advancement in technology has also brought about positive changes in shipping containers. They are considered the cheapest mode of transportation for delicate and expensive cargo items. Several items shipped through these containers have helped in the innovation of shipping containers. Many pop up container shops have also evolved to cater to the needs of diverse customers.
Shipping containers are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs and are now used as a construction container that serves as a store room on construction sites. During transit, containers play the role of temporary warehouses for your goods. Given below are the major types of shipping containers used to ship items across the world.

Dry Storage Container

This is the most common type of shipping container used for shipping dry materials. They have two front doors and a loading arrangement and are available in sizes like 10ft, 20ft and 40ft.

Flat Rack Container

These shipping containers have foldable sides, and hence they are called flat rack containers. These containers are used for shipping a variety of products.

Open Top Container

This kind of container has an easily removable convertible top to facilitate easy loading of goods of various heights which will not fit in a dry storage container.

Tunnel container

As the name suggests, these containers have openable doors on either side to ease out the process of container loading and unload ...

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