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Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms and Herbal Treatment That Works

Diabetes is common health problem in which the body of person produces insulin in less quantity. This disorder cannot be cured completely but you can handle this situation by trying some natural remedies.

Diabetes can be the common problem of men and women. There may be so many causes of this problem. Herbal treatment for type 1 diabetes has always been effective. Diabetes is categorised as one of the lifestyle diseases that has been affecting millennials mostly due to a sedentary lifestyle. You should know all about the type 1 diabetes symptoms. The various symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes could be one of a combination of the following:

• Urinating a lot

• Being thirsty

• Losing weight without any workout

• Excessive hunger

• Blurred vision

• Fatigue etc

However, the cure to the Type 1 diabetes could be lurking somewhere in your kitchen closet. The issue is your body doesn’t produce enough insulin. A couple of known ingredients up your sleeve and you could actually have a herbal treatment that works wonders for the disease. You should look for natural treatment for type 1 diabetes in order to deal with the problem.

• Avocado: Avocado seeds could help restore and protect the beta cells in the pancreas which are responsible to produce the much needed insulin. This can be the best and effective remedy that helps manage diabetes properly.

• Honey: Long term consumption of the natural product could help make positive changes in the regenerative properties of the beta cells. This is very helpful in dealing with such health issues.

• Stevia: As a naturally occurring substitute for sugar, Stevia is a sweet leaf which has lowest possible calories, and also has anti-diabetic properties which help in repairing those beta cells in the organ without any side effects. This is safe and natural way to manage the problem.

• Avoid smoking in order to deal with diabetes.

• Exercise regularly to manage the problem.

• Arginine: one of the most popular amino acids available in the stores, this supplement can simulate the pancreas to rejuvenate the dead beta cells which can further facilitate production of insulin in the body.

• Fig Leaves: even if the compounds are not independently available as supplements, it could be used as a substitute for insulin. This can be the best remedy in order to prevent symptoms of diabetes.

• Diabgon capsules: these are the herbal capsules that are designed with time tested herbs. These capsules are effective and bring no side effects. These pills can be very helpful in managing diabetes. You can take these capsules 3-4 months consistently in order to get desired results.

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