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TwinkiePaste: paste text phrases into any application

If you use your PC for a lot of writing, for instance as a tech blogger, journalist, student or internet marketing expert, you probably use select text phrases regularly. Maybe it is text that you paste regularly into your emails, code that you need to add to dozens of php files, or an email address that you use for Internet activities. While you can sometimes automate processes in other ways, more often than not it is back to either writing the text manually every time it is needed, or resorting to good old copy and paste operations.

TwinkiePaste is a - super - lightweight alternative that you can use to create a database of text snippets that you use regularly, to enter them using a global hotkey whenever the need ari ...

News Release: TwinkiePaste: paste text phrases into any application
Submitted on: February 04, 2018 05:01:45 PM
Submitted by: Gosha Mazov
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