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TWH - Global Free WiFi Campaign

Time is just about right when you don't need to worry about the ever mounting phone bills as it is going to go downhill on the inception of this WiFi hacker 2015 application. The gait of many a people will drastically change once they start using this appplication. Unless the many lavish scam applications out there which doesn't do anything more than just claim that it offers free Wifi, the WiFi hacker is probably the only one right now and will be the only one which will be capable of providing free WiFi to the world. The application was surprisingly painstakingly coded though, with emphasis on the utility, portability and user-friendly interface, for a freebie. The application's history is a little off-beat because the application's creator contacted the CEOs and board of directors of top telecom conglomerate companies around the globe for presenting his proposal. While most of them refused the proposal bluntly, the creator outhinked the CEOs and others and went directly to the governments of the corresponding countries. The WiFi hacker application's proposal stirred up debate among the top government officials whether it’s beneficial to all parties involved. Surprisingly enough, this application is helping out every party involved, most of the government's revenue loss will be kept to a minimum with the application's release, users will have their dream of having free WiFi everywhere actualized, penny pinching people who couldn't afford to pay their phone bills or rather don't have the heart to pay their phone bills will consider the WiFi hacker as a treat. This extravaganza of an application will be the application everyone will crave for in the near future and the far future. Wishing for free WiFi and not paying their phone bills is a faux pas, but as applications like WiFi hacker evolve, this notion among the minds of many people can be written off. This application is and will be indispensable for centuries to come. The vogue today, is to provide freebie applications like this which is actually worth millions of dollars. The software engineers fraternity should offer more freebie applications like this to the world so that people around the globe could benefit from them. The world will be an awesome place to live in and people can just fall into some sort of luxurious sprawl whenever they feel like when we receive super freebies like this at regular recurringly. It won't be surprising at all even if there are some mud slingers out there who will write some bashing articles on the WiFi hacker. The mythical nature of people's antipathy for great freebies which would actually benefit the freebie seekers fraternity is a joke. Afterall an application like the WiFi hacker would only bring a radical change to the world in a positive way minimizing the losses of the government and enhancing the digital life of normal people who couldn't afford to lose a penny on dubious applications. Well it is human and normal to assume an application like this won't work because of its implausible cla ...

News Release: TWH - Global Free WiFi Campaign
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