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Treadwell Group- The Pioneer to Offer Quality FRP Handrail System

The invention of fibreglass reinforced plastic or FRP is a milestone for the industrial sector as this composite material has brought a revolutionary change in this field. Not only the commercial field but also the domestic field has witnessed several changes with the introduction of glass fibre. This raw material has become pretty popular within a very short time and the major reason behind this is that GRP or glass fibre has a wide application in an extensive range of industries. Well, when it comes to fibreglass, Treadwell Group is the name that most of the people count on first.

A Brief Note on the Company
Treadwell Group is a globally recognized name in the market which is known to manufacture and supply a wide range of FRP products and accessories. They have become successful in making a good bond with the millions of clients by providing them with the high-quality composite products and customized services. They are proud of having an amazing team of highly skilled and experienced experts who have the ability to manufacture and design various types of composite products, structures and accessories. The company has gained high acclamation for offering GRP grating, handrail, stair nosing, support systems and more.

FRP Handrail Systems
This is one of the most popular access systems which come with strength and durability feature. The high quality handrail systems, offered by the company are ideal mainly for the use in a wide range of industries. The safety handrail system made of fibreglass plays a great role in minimizing the risk rate in the workplace as well as home. In these days, handrail system is in high demand. Here are some reasons why a large share of industrialists installs this access system recently.

• Transposable and Smart Design
Unlike the traditional one, Treadwell’s handrail system is ideal for the industrial usage. They come in attractive, yet smart and transposable design. The customers will get the pre-engineered kits. The industrialists feel the urge to install this system again and again as they involve hardly any maintenance cost.
• Non-Corrosive
The use of damageable chemicals and acids are quite common in industrial sector. This stair accessory is anti-corrosive in nature and this is why they do not get damaged while installing in the corrosive environment. Actually the FRP handrail kits are assembled through an easy and zero weld construction method and this is why they do not involve corrosion activation.
• Different Shapes
Generally, the handrail system is available both in square and round shapes. They come with several benefits, like, anti-corrosive, less maintenance cost, robust, resistant to electric and fire etc.
Why Choose Treadwell Group?
The reasons why industrialists choose the company are given below.
1. High quality product
2. Affordable rate
3. Customized solution
4. Wide experience
5. Excellent track record and more
To know more about the company, the industrialists may contact them.

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