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Trade Me Alternative

Trade Me Alternative
Sell and Buy on big discount with Quality. If you are curious about the alternatives to TradeMe, then all you need is Eekom.Co.Nz.
About Us
Hi and welcome, Eekom is a user friendly online listing and advertising site currently only available for New Zealand individuals, businesses and organizations.
Our goal is to provide users a place to list almost anything the simplest way possible. We currently offer listing options in the form of auctions, classifieds and advertising services and hope to explore different and exciting new ways to do so with our users.
We really wanted to create a simple marketplace to bring people together with a simple pricing format and on an easy to use platform.
Trade Me Alternative We look forward to working together with our users to build a place for everyone to buy, sell and trade.
Start Sell Online Nz your items today!! We're sure you will love it.
With so many businesses offering gift cards there is now a demand for buying, selling and trading gift cards. There are gift cards everywhere now even at fast food restaurants.
Some are trying to sell their gift cards on Craigslist but they only have Craigslist for larger cities and you may not get the price you want.
There are places to buy them below face value or sell and trade them with a secure transaction.
There are thousands available and it is often Trade Me Alternative to sign up. I can save 40% on my purchases just by buying their discounted gift cards. There are also new ones listed every day and you can swap your gift card with the one you want even if it has a greater value.
eekom Scams?
How often do they happen? What does eekom do to stop them? The most important thing that a marketplace like eekom can do is to provide a safe environment for both buyers and sellers.
1. All sellers and buyers have a feed back page so before entering a sales agreement check them out, feedback of sellers can be found on the "sellers details" of every listing they post.
2. We implore your help, at the bottom of all listings on eekom is a "report listing" button. If you think a particular listing seems odd or suspicious report it and one of our team members will investigate the listing and the user.

3. We have a dedicated team that continually searches the site to identify any such users. Once identified we delete their user account and block the I.P. address from using eekom.
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