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Top apps in the field of Mobile app Development that will Protect you!

Smartphone applications have also added to the efficiency of the search engines and have worked as a medium for propagation of information available online. Since internet happens to be an open source based platform for every developer and application development professional as they can give a concrete shape to their creativity. India app stores, developed by one of the top mobile development companies in Delhi, is also providing a platform to harbor creativity and excellence at one place. This app store will also provide ios app platforms to developers in Delhi and Noida.

However, apart from harboring creativity, the internet has also become more vulnerable to cyber crimes that are committed by hackers trying to steal and sneak into sensitive and confidential data.
In order to deal with such unexpected intrusions, different companies integrate and execute various codes and develop different applications that can be extremely useful during the time of need and emergency and for those users who get stuck in a precarious situation.

Given below is the list of some must-have android and ios app that might prove useful if you are stuck during an emergency:

This application is a must-have for big families having many members. The application is designed in such a way that if one member of the family is unresponsive for long, the other family members are automatically notified. The members can also set a schedule of his own allowing the application to re-check the information. Many Android mobile app development companies have shared a positive notion towards this move and the ios app developers are also looking forward to bring out more refined version of this app.

Bsafe alarm:
Through this app, an android user scans share even minutest of information with others like what is his current location, who is he and what is the current activity that he is into with the help of audio and videos. An alarm is also played when there is an emergency situation. The recorded content can be accessed even if the phone of the user breaks down. The entire information is stored on application's servers that allow data access 24x7.

Follow me:
This application allows guardians to keep live track of the location of their child. Not just tracking, this application also allows the guardians to see the location over a live map. The parents will get a message one their child has reached home safely.

Local Police App:
With the help of this app, one can have easy access to the local law enforcement and services relating to public safety. This local police app ensures that you can connect easily to your local police administration and report anything promptly if you suspect an act of this type.

These are some of the popular applications that are being looked forward to by mobile app development companies and ios app developers today. So make sure that your phone has alteast one of these cool apps.

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