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Top 5 Points To See While Booking A Convention Centre

Convention centres in Bangalore are available in large numbers with facilities suited to your needs, like The Tamarind, ITC Gardenia, etc. You just have to be very clear about what you want and if you want a wedding venue then Wedding Venues In Bangalore and reception halls in Bangalore are in abundance. Your job is just to select one and finalise it. Pay attention as we list down some of the vital points to bear in mind:

Availability: The primary thing to check is the availability of the venue on the day when the occasion is to be held. Always contact the hotel authorities and let them know the date of your event. Only if they assure you of a vacancy on the said day, only then move forward with the planning of the event in the selected hotel. Otherwise immediately change your preferences. Do not keep the hope of a cancellation from the previous party.

Budget: Another primary thing to look into is your budget, which should not be crossed at any cost whatsoever. First of all, fix your budget and then narrow down your searches accordingly. There is a hotel for every budget in Bangalore so never for once get disheartened.

Guest Capacity: Another major point to bear in mind is the guest capacity. Calculate accurately the number of guests that will come on the day of the occasion. It is always safe to take the count of heads extra rather than presuming the number that might not turn up. After getting the number, shortlist the hotels that can accommodate that many number of guests. Your job here is not done yet. Next check if that hotel can provide a parking area for all the families that will come. You definitely do not want yourself to be stuck in the parking lot trying to figure out space for your guests as the rest of the proceedings take place. So it is very necessary to keep a tab on this at the very inception of the planning.

Location: Select the hotel in such a location so that it is easily accessible from all ends of the city, Also ensure there is good connectivity of roads from the venue. It will be utterly difficult for the guests to arrive if your selected location is in the remote part of the city. Most of the guests might just cancel on the event accounting to the distance of the venue. In the worst case scenario, you can always arrange for pickup and drop services.

Amenities: Lastly, ensure that basic amenities like WiFi, drinking water availability, a proper well-maintained kitchen where the cooks follow basic hygiene, neat tables chairs and linens.
These points should always be remembered while choosing best wedding venues in Bangalore.

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