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Timely, Cost-Efficient Services For Buyers, Sellers, Investors And Landlords

The Law Offices of Christopher Glenn Beckom is dedicated to providing clients throughout the California area with exceptional legal representation and services in the practice of Real Estate law. Even more, they are committed to providing the advocacy you need without the attitude you don’t. Our clients consistently vote our lawyers to the highest ranks of their practice areas.

Our firm’s outstanding credentials and wide-ranging knowledge are invaluable assets for clients ranging from first-time buyers to seasoned investors. If you are purchasing, selling, developing or leasing property in California, you can turn to our real estate attorneys with confidence.

Christopher Beckom applies the same detailed focus and dedication to efficiency when fulfilling the estate planning needs of our clients. Whether your concerns are basic or more complex, we will provide a personalized assessment and draft a will, powers of attorney and other legal documents ideally suited to your personal situation.

Our skills extend to living trusts, long-term care planning, and spotting and resolution of estate planning problems. However, you do not have to worry about being oversold on sophisticated tools when working with our attorneys. We answer questions promptly and clearly, and your satisfaction and peace of mind are the foremost priorities. We have significant capabilities in Commercial Real Estate, Securities Regulations, Land Use and Intellectual Property.

Our goal is to offer legal services (and related support services) to clients in the most efficient manner possible consistent with maintaining a traditional attorney-client relationship and delivering high-quality work. We act for clients across a range of sectors and have developed sector-focused groups which have invested in understanding the business models, operations and challenges of such industries.

Taking a joined-up approach we seek out solutions that embrace the unique needs of each individual or company. The firms’ engaged, approachable manner combined with the delivery of concise, clear and commercially-led advice is what helps the firm to develop long-term client relationships and business formation. There are many benefits to forming a strong relationship with a law firm that has strengths in both real estate and estate planning. These matters often intersect as you pursue your goals and vigilantly protect your assets.

To discuss your current challenge or longer-term concerns, call or email us now and request your free consultation. You may also just visit our website at

Our experience and progressive attitude, ensures that we are friendly and approachable whilst providing a high level of legal and technical excellence.

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News Release: Timely, Cost-Efficient Services For Buyers, Sellers, Investors And Landlords
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