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The www wouldn’t exist without search engines

If there were no search engines the internet would be a very lonely place. No website of value would be able to showcase itself and the whole place would be full of junk websites that offer plain trash. No one would be able to search anything and they would need to rely on whatever content any website would offer. Thanks to these search websites the entire information available on the web is available to see for any user. And thanks to these search websites the most valuable websites are able to showcase their content.

The history of search engines is vast and it goes back to 1990 when Archie was first used. Archie was later followed by Gopher, Veronica and Jughead. The first primitive search engine was called W3Catalog and it was released in September 1994. The first commercially successful search engine was Lycos. Then other search websites like came and went and some of the early ones that gained prominence include Yahoo and Altavista.

All of us know about Google. It is the largest search engine in the world. But Google didn’t come into prominence before 2000 when Yahoo and Altavista were ruling the search space. Microsoft also put its foot into the fray and started its own search service. But it was only in 2009 when Microsoft rebranded its search and gave the world what we know as Bing.

The history of search engines is extensive and cannot be covered in this space. What you should know that the biggest three search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo (in that order). There is also another search engine that is really big and it is called Baidu. It’s a Chinese search engine that has enormous number of users in China.

A search engine is important for any internet user because it gives us results in its search engine results pages. There are close to a billion websites on the www. It is not possible for anyone of us to remember which of these sites has what content. While all of us know about some websites and the content they offer we often need to look at other websites for additional content. This is where a search engine helps immensely. What we need to do is enter into the search box what we want and the search engine finds out the top websites for the keywords we typed. Life on the web is now much easier than before thanks to these industrious search websites.

It is easy to see why the best search sites have received massive funding over the years. These websites have changed the way the world uses the internet. And this is why there is so much investment in SEO so that a website gets a higher rank in the top search engines.

As long as the search engines are there you need not worry about finding information from the web. Ask for anything and your wish will be granted. And if you are a website owner pray get listed as soon as possible.

Without the top search engines ( ) the www wouldn’t be a place worth visiting. Google, Bing and Yahoo have changed the way the world uses the Internet ( ...

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