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The Way to Have Beauty Enhanced By Trained Therapists

Singapore, 28th February 2018: In the recently concluded press conference Beauty Recipe told all about their various innovative beauty services which they have made available through their trained and friendly therapists.

They said that they understand that using the right product and equipment by trained and friendly therapists is the basis of having a perfect Semi Permanent Makeup. As they follow this in all their services they are able to offer beauty treatments which make customers satisfied.

They said that they are known all over for offering best of Korean makeup using quality products which are made from pure organic plant based color pigments. They are also renowned for their ability to offer such services through their trained and friendly therapists.

They also said that all love to have their services as due to the fact that the quality organic products that they use are safer on sensitive skin. The products are easily absorbed by the skin and so does not change color over time. They are among the only few centers that provide plant based organic color pigments in Singapore and Indonesia.

They are also a Government approved international training centre offering various Beauty Courses so that common person can learn them and implement those in their carrier. It would help them to shine in their carrier and have best of profitability by providing the best of customer care.

They understand the trend of eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery and so have made available the best quality Eyebrow Embroidery supplies that can be had. They are well trained in making available various natures of eyebrow embroidery which makes the face shape of a customer. The makeup artisans at Beauty Recipe are well trained before they are allowed to take up any eyebrow embroidery so that customers can get outstanding eyebrow shaped and designed by them.

They have kept the price low so that all can have access to such beauty makeup and bring out the hidden beauty of theirs. Such a mission and vision of theirs have made them win the Singapore Excellence Aw ...

News Release: The Way to Have Beauty Enhanced By Trained Therapists
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