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The Suggestions Made Of Albion Online

First, please take a close look at the thoughts of Access; in my view he has successfully demonstrated why your proposal will not work.I start with a comment on what I think is the illusory appeal of one of the ideas suggested that you have already introduced with resources: i.e., you need some of the prior tier product in order to craft the next Albion Online Silver
. This does enhance demand for lower tier resources but only artificially since the "demand" is generated as a result of crafters wanting to level, not as an organic result of players needing the gear intrinsically. It's a Ponzi scheme but instead of running out at the bottom of the pyramid, it runs out at the top, once crafters reach the highest tiers, and everyone below gets screwed.

Also, please do not implement the ESO model of rewarding salvaging of materials made by others. All this does is generate fraudulent "buddy systems" that cannot be prevented.EvE of course avoids the problem by detaching skill leveling from production, resulting in the equilibrium analysis Access describes. But that just generates a very different problem, one that hurts EvE all the time: the impossibility of ever "catching up" with players who have played longer than you. EvE is really just another P2W game where players buy their way using the currency of time instead of cash buy Albion Online Gold , i.e., "Play to Win". You don't want that because it creates a massive disincentive for new players coming in who become discouraged when they realize that they can never be king of the hill, no matter what they do. Every player joining the game likes to think that THEY can become the king of the hill if they are just resourceful and dedicated eno ...

News Release: The Suggestions Made Of Albion Online
Submitted on: January 09, 2016 08:19:22 AM
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