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The Possession

The Possession is the story of a girl who buys an old antique box from a yard sale she attended with her father Clyde and her sister Hannah. After finding the secret key to unlock the box, she accidentally releases an evil spirit which takes over her soul. Clyde shortly realizes that something’s not right with his daughter but can’t seem to get anyone to take him seriously, which results in his ex-wife’s new partner obtaining a restraining order against him.

Desperate to help his daughter, he reaches out to a professor who explains that the box his daughter got was a dibbuk box, which has the ability to trap an evil spirit and should never be opened. With this newfound knowledge, Clyde finds a Jewish community and seeks the help of the rabbi’s son to exorcise his daughter. Despite a struggle, the exorcism is successful, and the spirit retreats back into the box.

It turns out this story was inspired by an old article from the Los Angeles Times, which tells the story of a small wooden cabinet which was placed for sale on eBay. The box contained two locks of hair, a slab of granite, a dried rosebud, a goblet, two wheat pennies, a candlestick, and apparently a dybbuk, an evil spirit known in Yiddish folklore. The box was sold under the label “haunted Jewish wine cabinet box” and listed its history of owners along with the unusual paranormal activity that surrounded said owners.

Eventually, the box sold for $280 to a university museum. The trail left by the box includes unexplainable strokes, hair loss, property destruction, and hallucinations, all which were blamed by the owners on this particular box. Maybe this will make you think twice about what you take home from the neighbor’s garage s ...

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