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The Opportunities for Processed Pomegranate Products seems Stellar in the Indian Market

India is the largest producer of pomegranates in the world. Pomegranates are available during entire part of the year. The production in large quantities of pomegranate has paved ways for processing of pomegranate fruit in to value added products. Some of the products produced from Pomegranate are fruit juice, fresh arils, Fruit concentrate, Syrup and Jelly, Pomegranate jam, and wine. There are numerous bioactive extracts in the pomegranate fruit which are utilized in the development of nutraceuticals, pharma and other health products. Pomegranate is considered to be a fruit extremely rich in nutrients and hence the market for processed products from the fruit would be huge.

Research Analysis & Highlights

The report “Opportunity Assessment for Processed Pomegranate Products in India” is a comprehensive analysis of the possible products which can be processed from different parts of Pomegranate plant and the market opportunities of these products. The products are segmented into Primary Products, secondary products, and tertiary products. Primary products include fresh fruit juice and arils. Secondary includes processed and packed fruit concentrate, anardana, syrup and jelly. Tertiary products include wine.

We have also covered Bioactive products which include various classes of Sterols and Steriods, Tocopherols, Conjugated and Non conjugated fatty acid, Triglercides, Anthocyanin, Flavanols & Flavanos, Hydroxybenzoic Acid and others. Bioactive compounds are widely used owing to their medicinal benefits for treatment of diseases. These compounds are believed to be helpful in the cure of chronic or incurable diseases such as arthritis, initial stage cancer or diabetes.

The report further highlights the competitive landscape of the Indian Processed Pomegranate products market describing the business, key companies, and recent activities of the major industry players. The section is therefore expected to clearly help the reader gain crucial insight into the key market players’ performances and strategies for growth. The research provides all the pre-requisite information for clients looking to make a debut in this industry. To provide a balanced outlook of the country’s market to clients, our report also includes the drivers, challenges and opportunities.

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News Release: The Opportunities for Processed Pomegranate Products seems Stellar in the Indian Market
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