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The Law Office of Barbara J. May Offers Highly Effective Family Law Representation

Monterey, California, January 10, 2018: The Law Office of Barbara J. May is pleased to announce the law firm offers highly effective representation to handle a wide array of family law cases. The established law firm serves clients throughout the Monterey Bay area to fully resolve cases.

Since divorces can be highly emotional and complex, they are often viewed as one of the most difficult types of cases. Therefore, May and her team work judiciously to ensure clients are treated with respect and care through the process. Since the firm understands the complexities of these cases, they can handle cases, whether at trial or in mediation. With an extensive knowledge of California law, the firm handles both contested and uncontested divorces, complex and high-asset divorces, nullity, legal separations, mediated divorces, same-sex divorces and more.

Child custody and visitation can be extremely stressful and difficult, which is why the firm works with their clients to determine the best solutions for all parties to ensure children's best interests are met. Since there are various forms of custody like sole physical, joint physical, sole legal and joint legal, the firm will go through the different scenarios to see which is the most appropriate.

The firm also handles child and spousal support and domestic violence cases, as well as those involving parties moving away from the area.

For more information about the firm and its services, visit the website at the Law Office of Barbara J. May or call 1-831-649-1253.

About The Law Office of Barbara J. May: The Law Office of Barbara J. May is an experienced Monterey Bay law firm that specializes in family law cases like various types of divorce, child custody and visitation, child and spousal support, domestic violence and more. Mother and daughter team, Barbara May and Amy Spiering, along with their staff, works tirelessly as advocates for their clients to ensure they are represented fairly, respectfully and completely through difficult situations. The firm is known for providing personalized service and flexible solutions with a family approach to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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News Release: The Law Office of Barbara J. May Offers Highly Effective Family Law Representation
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