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The Haunting In Connecticut

The Haunting in Connecticut tells the story of Sarah and her son Matt, who has terminal cancer and is receiving treatment at a hospital in Connecticut. Sarah is tired of having to drive Matt so far to and from the hospital, as it is not helping his health, so after discussion with her husband, she begins hunting for a place to stay near the hospital. Shortly afterward, she sees a man hammering a “For Rent” sign into the ground and promptly discusses her interest in the place. The owner informs Sarah that the house has some history and offers her the first month free, after we see a dark shadow looming in the house around them. Sarah isn’t sure about the house initially, but things become desperate, so she rents it. A number of ominous events occur after the family moves in.

After weeks of seeing visions and having nightmares, Matt finally confides in his sister, and they research the new family home to discover that a man who used to live there hosted seances. In one, everyone present was found dead in the house except for one person, who disappeared. In recent years, the bodies had been exhumed due to construction, only for the workers to find that they had never been buried. Eventually, it is discovered that a spirit is taking over the terminally ill boy’s body in an attempt to free the remaining spirits in the house from within the walls. In a final dramatic scene, Matt escapes from the hospital and breaks down the walls with an ax, revealing the missing corpses, which he then sets alight. Matt’s cancer is taken away when the spirit leaves his body.

The Haunting in Connecticut is based on real-life family, the Snedekers, who moved into an old house in Southington, Connecticut, with their daughter and three sons. The parents were exploring their new house when Carmen Snedeker, the mother, found tools in the basement which were later identified as having been used by a mortician. The family then discovered that the home once housed a funeral parlor after their eldest son began seeing ghosts and having terrible nightmares. Eventually, Carmen contacted our previously mentioned investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who quickly noted that the house was riddled with evil souls and demons. Since then, the family have appeared on several talk shows to tell their story, claiming the whole thing was r ...

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