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The consultation phase for personal injuries

If you are sustaining some injuries and somebody else is to blame for the injuries, then you shouldn’t hesitate to stalk with your attorneys as the personal injury attorney Lexington KY advice. As a matter of fact, you should consult or seek legal advice from several personal injuries lawyers to get their view on the matter. This gives you a better chance to find different views on the matter as well, expose you to various lawyers from whom you can then chose the one who you are comfortable with.
Fees and the money
Finding the best personal injury lawyer Lexington KY shouldn’t be that hard and the best part is, doing this will cost you nothing. You will not be charged any fees because the personal injury attorneys commonly take most of their cases on a contingency fee basis. Most people are unfamiliar with this. Basically, what it means is that most of the lawyers are usually paid from a percentage of the money that you will receive in judgement.
It would be a malpractice as in attorney malpractice Lexington KY having to pay the consultation fee to an attorney. Thus, if you find an attorney asking you for the consultation fee, just know that he is a fraud and he is in for the money and not for helping you.
Before meeting the lawyer…
There are some things that you need to keep in mind before actually meeting the lawyers. First of all, you should know that during your meeting with the lawyer,
• You will have to explain what happened, or how you ended up being hurt.
• How you got treated by the doctors.
• What the doctors are saying about your recovery.
It is very crucial that you get to provide the attorney with the full details of what happened. Give all the facts that transpired and that might show you were in part to blame for the accident.
It is a two-way process
A good lawyer always listens to his/her clients. Therefore, if you find it hard to converse with your lawyer, or he is not giving you the attention that you need, perhaps it is best that you walk out. The consultation phase is a two-way process phase where the attorney gives his views in line with the nature of your accident. It is also the right time since it gives you a chance to know the attorney better and evaluate whether he is the right person for you. Keep in mind that the lawyer will not be paid by doing the consultation thing with you. Therefore, he must be honest and forthcoming. If you cannot see that in him, just walk out to the next lawyer as personal injury lawyer Lexington KY suggests.
Consultation phase in any case is very important as it goes along way into determining the fate of the final judgement. Choose your lawyers wisely and make sure that they are up to the task.

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