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The challenge has been conquered in just half a year

New Delhi, 26 February 2016 - It has been a hard year for the organizers of educational schools in India in 2015. Many such institutions have closed their doors even if the number of the students is constantly rising. This has happened due to two reasons: first of all most people don’t have enough money as to maintain their child studying in a private institution and second - the level of teaching isn’t acceptable even up to the low standards of the Indian government.

There have been no Montessori Teaching systems in the educational institutions in India up to this year. All of the formal education has tormented the poor kids and given them hard traumas for the future. This had to stop as soon as possible and the founders of the Best Play School in India had this objective in mind when launching their first project. It has been an immense challenge to make it happen but they have succeeded at this menial task. The crucible has been passed with success and now there are more students that the founders have expected at first.

The Discovery Montessori Preschool is now accessible for anyone that wants a fresh and high quality United States of America schooling system for their child. There are reasons why the USA are the most successful these days and the administration is determined to implement this system in India as well. It is the ultimate preschool Franchise opportunity in india that should be harnessed and used as instructed. The new generation that grows from this investment should lift the country from its current state and launch it in the big 5 - just like China did several years ago.

With such a vast population as India’s today, the American curriculum can help reorganize the base thinking of the child so he ignores corruption, laziness and adopts good will and positive thinking. This kind of Sensory Development will upgrade the way your kid sees the world and how he interacts with his books, toys and the computer. Knowing the IT technologies from an early age will help him grow into a specialist in no time. It is not necessary for him to become a programmer but knowing what to do around the PC from an early age will open brand new doors for him as a grown up.
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News Release: The challenge has been conquered in just half a year
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