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The American Mindset and the Tragedy of Guns in Its Society

It seems that everyone and his dog owns at least one gun in the USA. The culture is framed around them. People openly display them in streets and kids are trained to use them from an age when they are barely out of nappies. The question is why? This is the one country outside of the East that has more deaths from terrorists and more massacres than any other. While the majority love guns and refuse to surrender to common sense they are literally killing themselves.

If they protect anyone then where is the evidence? If they are so good for people then why is the USA in mourning for yet another massacre, this time the worst ever?

How many in the Orlando nightclub were able to fire on the shooter before he took the lives of some 49 people and injured many more? NONE. How many shot back when a killer entered a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, in 2012? NONE. How many shot back and stopped a gun wielding maniac killing 20 small children and six adults at Sandy Hooke Elementary School in December 2012? NONE.

The argument is weak and stupid when presented as a reason for the assault weapons to be on display and sold to anyone who turns up wanting one. It wouldn't matter if the guy has 2 heads, or acts a lunatic in front of them a sale is a sale and a weapon will change hands.

Those who stand by the right to own guns and who oppose any move to change the laws are unable to appreciate the extreme danger Americans are in as a result. One day the tables may turn and they may see a degree of common sense in what some in their country are attempting to do. That is make people safer by banning sale of these weapons and getting rid of them out of the community.

This piece of information is shared by Leonard Pozner whose six-year-old son, Noah, was killed in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in December 2012. In 2014, Leonard Pozner founded the Honr Network, an organization through which he brings awareness to the cruelty and criminality of Hoaxer activity that perpetuates tragedies such as Sandy Hook and, if necessary, criminally and civilly prosecutes those who wittingly and publicly defame, harass, and emotionally abuse the victims of high-profile tragedies and their family members.

You can learn more about the organisation by visiting here: http://www.honr. ...

News Release: The American Mindset and the Tragedy of Guns in Its Society
Submitted on: February 19, 2018 05:04:33 AM
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