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Starting a Gardening Business Franchise in Australia – Pros or Cons

Homeowners invest time and money all year around to maintain their yard and of course are looking for the easiest and cheapest way to do so. Simply put, the appearance of ones front of back yard is just as important as the whole home .There are several things to consider before launching your business in this particular industry as there’s some important things to consider.

Demand of service

As mentioned above, lawn maintenance is in demand all year around in some form. Therefore there is stability that is guaranteed with this business and depending where you live you may get more of the seasons that require more yard work. Winter in Australia can be one of the best as you’ll experience. Their temperatures rarely drop into the negative numbers. In Fact, winter begins at the start of June and concludes at the end of August.

Variety of services

With a gardening business, you can pick and choose the services that will be offered and during what season. Often times certain services are in demand more often during the seasons when it’s nice out versus others that are easy to do all year around. Depending on the service you may have to provide it every few weeks as part of maintenance and not just a one time job.

Available franchise

You wouldn’t be starting from square one if it’s a reputable business that has been established over at least 10 years and a client base that is reasonable. Australia is a vast country with any locations with landowners increasing in numbers every day. Joining an established franchise that has already identified specific regions as places in high demand of services is an even better idea.

Work force

There may not be as much training and costs to recruit employees . However this does mean a high turnover rate when it comes to hiring which can be a waste of time and money.

Startup costs

Whether it’s the cost of starting up your own business or taking part of an established Gardening Franchises For Sale the cost will be very high. Obviously a top ranked franchise will cost more to join than one that has only been around a few years.


Unfortunately the Garden Care Services you provide may have to be a little higher to make up for the other costs. Typically people don’t go for more expensive if there’s a bigger company who provides the services at a lower rate because they can afford to. People can end up being on a budget due to life circumstances and usually cut off the unnecessary things like lawn care or maintenance.

When it comes to weighing out the pros and cons, it all comes down to preference. What information you go into the decision with and what you hope to gain can determine what you consider a pro or a con.
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News Release: Starting a Gardening Business Franchise in Australia – Pros or Cons
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