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When it comes to serious illnesses, like cancer, there should be no compromise in the kind of medical care a person receives. Everyone should get the best treatment they can get at the best hospital, regardless of their economic status. With this in mind, the Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute was established. It is, perhaps, the best cancer hospital in Delhi. It is a multi-speciality hospital, and a training and research institute, located in Paschim Vihar in New Delhi. Among the many things that make it the best cancer hospital in Delhi is the fact that it works on a no profit, no loss basis. What it means is that it imparts free medical care to the poor and needy. The hospital is part of the Lala Munni Lal Mange Ram Charitable Trust of Action Group of Companies. Lala Mange Ram Agerwal, the chairman of the trust, a philanthropist, wanted to build a hospital for the service of the people. The Action Group of Companies’ venture into the medical care field resulted in the establishment of this cancer institute in Delhi.
This cancer institute in Delhi specialises in the treatment of bladder, blood, bone, breast, cervical, and oesophagus cancer. Besides domestic patients, this hospital also takes in international patients for treatment, which is a great testament to the reputation that Sri Balaji holds as the best cancer institute in Delhi. Great patient testimonies further support this assumption. The patients are satisfied with the treatment, the doctors, the nurse staff, and the care they receive during and after the treatment. The team of doctors led by Dr Rajesh Jain are very prompt in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The oncology department has to its name 5000+ successful cancer surgeries, and that alone says something about Sri Balaji being the best cancer hospital in Delhi.
The oncology department of the hospital provides excellent in and out-patient facilities, along with day care. The staff of the cancer department is dedicated to its patients’ welfare, from treatment to recovery and rehabilitation. The professional and efficient faculty and staff of this cancer institute leave no stone unturned when it comes to the care of their patients. This is another reason why this is the best cancer hospital in Delhi; they journey with the patient every step of the way, from initial treatment, through to recovery and resumption of normal life. Dedication towards the mental and physical health of the patients is a marked quality of great hospitals, especially in as traumatising a disease as cancer, and Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute stand out with their empathetic patient care, truly making it the best cancer hospital in De ...

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