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Social Graces Your Favorite Family Management App

Designed with the sole purpose of helping you keep your family on the same page, the Social Graces app is innovative and intuitive, making it one of the best on the market. This app was designed by a mom for parents who want transparency and accountability when it comes to behavior expectations, the development of life skills, manners and responsibilities for their kids. And best off all, everyone knows the expectations including your kids.

This app has multiple user capabilities for both adults and children, so a family can be managed from a single dashboard. Co-parents or caregivers can be connected to each child, which means the communication about expectations for a child’s behavior is very clear!

The Social Graces app comes pre-loaded with over 100 different life skills, behaviors and manners to choose from for your child. Examples include set the kitchen table for dinner, read quietly for 15 minutes, tell the truth, be kind to your siblings and so much more. And if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for or want to customize the expectations you have for your child, there are up to 10 spaces available for you t0 do that. There are a total of 10 daily expectation spots and 5 bonus spots available.

Together, a parent and child can decide which daily expectations they’re going to work on or adhere to. They sign a contract in the app to commit themselves to being accountable.

This app comes with a built in reward system. Each day, a child starts out with 10 points. If they hold up their end of the contract, the points are theirs to keep. If a child misses the mark on a daily expectation, points can be deducted from the child’s day. It’s important for children to know that each day is a brand new start, so the points refresh each day and give the child another chance to keep them.

After the contract is signed by your child, they have ability to choose three wish list rewards to work towards. As their daily reward points accumulate, a child’s motivation to adhere to their responsibilities will too! Within the Social Graces app, wishlist items can be picked out and purchased directly from Amazon or custom space is available to personalize a reward such as an ice cream date, movie, or a special dinner at a favorite restaurant. And because there are three different spaces for rewards, a child can be working towards multiple goals.

The Social Graces app is a game changer when it comes to a managing a child’s daily task list and behavior expectations. This app offer a free 30 day trial and is $3.99 each month after that.
All of the features of the app are available within the trial period.
The app works best on iOS 9.0 and above and can be downloaded on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, etc.

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News Release: Social Graces Your Favorite Family Management App
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