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Smartphones Promoting Digital Learning through Multilingual apps

Talking about India, the country that has been home to a diverse number of cultures and traditions. A nation where people are united irrespective of their dialects. Digital learning is being advertised over and over, being continuously promoted through computers and smartphone with the help of apps available on routine android app stores in India.


Apart from all the hype and merry making,there still exists a great divide between communities and people, a divide between being educated and uneducated. People who are not well off and the ones who have a better social status. The ones that have access to all modern information technology channels and ones who are deprived of every modern technological technique.

According to the Census that was conducted by the government of India in the year 2011:

The total number of individuals living in villages or the rural areas increased to 83.3 crores in the year 2011 which was 74.3 crores in 2001.
While the urban populace increased from 28.6 crores in 2001 to 37.7 crores in the year 2011.

It is clearly evident from this data that a large number of the population resides mostly in rural outskirts of our villages. This section of society has limited or no access to technology. According to a report by Internet and Mobile Association of India and market research firm (IMRB), the penetration of internet into 906 million rural population is only 17 percent.

A number factors that add to the misery and make it worse are:

Availability and affordability of smartphones is the biggest issue. Usually, those living in underdeveloped areas or villages are not aware of the pros that modern technology offers. Besides, the financial condition of an individual is also a constraint if he tries to get his hands on latest technology as most of the smartphones are overpriced and beyond the reach of rural folks.

The second big reason that has emerged is the availability of entire content in English. Though there are 22 official languages in India, which an unofficial language here seems to dominate the nation. Because of this very reason, technology penetration in rural areas is meager. Everything, from web pages to android apps bears an all English interface.

An Initiative :
In order to bridge this technological divide, India app stores, a revolutionary mobile app store has emerged out of the blue. Developed by one of the leading android mobile app development company in Noida, this app store offers day to day used Android apps in as much as 8 native/local languages. This Android mobile app store will rule out all the difficulties that are faced by rural folks while learning or gathering information over their smartphones. Besides these features, India app stores also offers various app download categories from books to beauty.

It can be rightly said that differences can’t be bridged in a single day, but to look for the positive side, India app stores is the first step towards this initiative.

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