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Sleep Expert Provides 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Sleeping Enough

TORONTO, Canada—Sleep deprivation is an ongoing problem for many developed countries. Although Canada fairs better than its southern neighbour, its workers are still losing around 80,000 working days annually from this issue. Lance Hunter, Manager for Dormio Organic Beds, speaks on the issues and provides the three most likely reasons why Canadians are not getting enough sleep. “Sleep is more important than most people realize” says Hunter. “Through sleep, our minds process the events of the day, our bodies recover from exertion and our mood resets. Sometimes insomnia is a symptom of a series illness. Thankfully, most instances of insomnia are preventable, only requiring small lifestyle changes.”

1. Be careful about what you eat before bed. Carb heavy foods such as bread, noodles or pastas are terrible is you’re trying to sleep soon.

Carbohydrates are your body’s main fuel source. Consuming too many carbs before bed will perk your body up as it’ll assume you’re getting ready for heavy exertion.

2. Know when and when not to consume caffeine. Most people know that a cup of coffee before bed is a bad idea for a peaceful night of sleep. However, what they don’t realize is that caffeine has a half-life of 10 hours. That means if you plan on going to bed at 11 PM, then the latest you can drink coffee is 1PM is you want the best chances for uninterrupted sleep.

3. Get a routine going. Setting a time to be in bed by may sound like over planning your day, but your body needs routine. A lack of routine will cause your body to be confused about when to start shutting down, causing insomnia.
Sleep deprivation among Canada’s working population is linked with an annual cost of $21.4 billion USD on the country’s economy.

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