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Singapore Construction Boom Means More Excavator Rentals

SINGAPORE: January 11, 2018. In the latest media release signals good news for the economy and the building firms in Singapore. Building firms can expect the total value of construction contracts to be awarded this year, which is projected to be between 26 billion and 31 billion.

This is a positive sign with those numbers up from 24.5 billion last year mostly due to an expected increase in public sector construction demand. In their media release the Building and Construction Association added that between 16 billion and 19 billion dollars worth of public sector projects will be awarded in 2018 up from 15.5 last year. Private sector demand will make up the rest estimated between 10 to 12 billion dollars up from 9 billion dollars the previous year.

The anticipated construction boom is good news for firms renting or leasing heavy equipment needed to complete these projects. One local company, Rockwell Engineering and Equipment PTE Ltd welcomed the latest news for the construction industry. They are a company that is dedicated to supplying the top construction excavators and materials in the industry and the demand for their excavators as a result of the expected construction boom . At Rockwell Engineering and Equipment they understand that construction projects need precise response along with skilled manpower. Their staff of 20 along with skilled equipment operators have the experience to respond to any situation.

All equipment is consistently maintained so that there is no interruption of service while on site. Operators employed by Rockwell Engineering and Equipment attend refresher courses so they can provide the highest level of expertise in the industry.

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News Release: Singapore Construction Boom Means More Excavator Rentals
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