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Silk Threads Discusses Best Colors for Shopping Bridesmaids Dresses in Dallas

Want to curate and coordinate the perfect look for your bridal party? No matter whether you go for a glam, or romantic wedding, shopping for wedding attire including bridesmaid dresses in Dallas is a hassle. When it comes to bridesmaids dress fashion, luxuriant colors play a key role. This is why Silk Threads shares theuseful guide on colors to make the best selection of bridesmaid dress fashion. The fashion designer in Dallas – Ruby Bhandari at Silk Threads believes every wedding is unique and deserves to be treated such. She focuses more on the mix and matchesbridal wear fashion. There are so many elegant bridesmaid dress colors available on the market – some of them are in fashion while others lack. While shopping for bridesmaids dresses, here are some of the best colors you should focus on:

1. Neutral –The neutral color is perfectly sophisticated and is very easy to accessorize. You can mix metallic or jewel tones with this color for a bold look or lovely pastels for a more romantic look.

2. Coral –Coral is the sassy color, growing exponentially in popularity from the past few years. It can be a gorgeous option for summer beach weddings. It’s recommended to go with coral color all the time as it looks wonderful with all skin tones and hair colors.

3. Pastel –Pastels are on the trend right now. They are popping up in wedding everywhere. We are pretty in love with any pastel dress actually. This color is perfect for a spring wedding.

4. Deep Blue – Different shades of blue are popular for bridesmaids dresses. From dusty blue for winter to royal blue for summer and the classic navy blue for fall or anytime in a year. In fact, blue is a spectacular backdrop for flowers and accessories.

5. Gray –The gray color is a classic color for any season. Grey can be accented perfectly with almost any color combination. But it will look modern with all white flowers or burst with colorful bouquets.

6. Blush –Blush is a classic, but one of the best colors to choose from bridesmaids dresses. This feminine staple translates very well at any venue and with almost any color combo. But blush works best in spring and summer.

7. Mint –Mint is a fun shade of green and is still hanging around. It’s great for spring through summer and perfectly complimented with gold or rose gold color.

“Our bridesmaid dresses in Dallas include mix and match trends and have been skyrocketing in popularity this season. No matter whatever color combos you choose for your bridesmaids, our dresses will sure to make your bridesmaids feel fun, fabulous, and ready to get down on the dance floor. To shop for eclectic yet cohesive bridesmaids dresses in Dallas, please contact us as soon as possible”, says one of the professional stylists of Silk Threads.

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