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ShowFlipper Launches SF Mega Art Contest For The World

Online Art Gallery Offers A Great Opportunity For Artists
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ShowFlipper, the online art gallery, announced to launch their SF Mega Art Contest 2018. The competition that is set to start on the 11th of November in 2017 seeks artists who have the passion for fine arts. The contest is going to welcome contestants from all over the world and offer the international level exposure in the whole world.
The competition is going to start on 11th of November 2017 and end on 10th of April in 2018. However, the deadline for the entries has been set to be 31st of December 2018. The announcement of the contest is going to be on the 15th of April 2018. The contestants will be required to register with ShowFlipper and enter their creations. The best show will be decided according to the highest TRP, best story and the popularity among the viewers.
According to the authorities, ShowFlipper is going to leverage the TRP calculation algorithm and the viewers’ choice to find the best shows and creations. Among the best shows, the top 10 will receive $150 along with a certificate. The runner-up will receive a prize of $1500 and a certificate. And the mega contest winner will obtain a highly prestigious trophy, a certificate and an amount of $1500.
To offer the maximum exposure to the exceptional artists, the contest is open for 53 countries. The competition will accept more than 500 creations from the artists and promote their work through various platforms. ShowFlipper has clear goals to leverage PR, Social Media, Email Marketing, Newsletters, SEO and many other promotional opportunities.
The organizers made it clear that do not want to leave any chances of exposure. The promotional activities such as the show-Tainer of the week, mindblastic performer of the week, and best story of the week are going to be an essential part of the competition. Plus, the behind the scene stories of the contestants will become helpful for the artists to gain immense exposure.
To prepare the contestants for the competition, the organizers have plans to train their artists. The training is to prepare them, so that, they can present their creations and stories in the best possible manner.
In order to become eligible for the contest, one needs to register with ShowFlipper. This requires an annual fee of $25. Then, the person can showcase his or her artwork for the contest.
The SF Mega Art Contest is a great opportunity for the artists who like to present their artwork on a global platform. The contest brings the chance to win $1500. But moreover, it offers the ability to promote artwork among the best competitors.
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News Release: ShowFlipper Launches SF Mega Art Contest For The World
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