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ShowFlipper is the New Online Choice of Digital Artists

As we near the end of year 2017, selling art online is gaining a slow, steady prominence among artists worldwide. Art sales online are set to touch $9.14 billion by the year 2022.
The 2017 Hiscox Art Report also states that Instagram is now the most receptive and popular art medium online. More than half of the art galleries that were surveyed have stated that they find Instagram to be a more efficient than Facebook as a marketing tool.
Most traditional and popular art institutions have further built on their online reputation this year. Online auction websites (including Christie’s and Sotheby’s) made over $720 million in sales in the year 2016. Over 19% of the online art market is captured by similar establishments. Digital art makes up a large part of the annual sales.
ShowFlipper, as an online website for artists has taken an offbeat road to promoting artworks through innovative, interesting shows and formats. The showcasing of digital art on the website is no exception either. The digital artists featured here are from diverse backgrounds around the world. ShowFlipper features the works of those best in the game.
The variety of digital art work featured here is staggering. Artists looking to sell their art online are finding it fun, interactive and exciting to use their ShowFlipper profile. Many of the digital artworks featured on the website combine photography, painting and other elements to create an epic, iconic effect.
ShowFlipper is constantly looking to feature digital artists working with new, inventive formats. Virtual reality and augmented reality is now a part of digital art too. Book cover designs are another option that digital artists are exploring. Logo redesigns are passé, now artists and jumping across formats. An animator, for instance, has created an animation VR game out of his illustrations for children’s books.
Reinventions and rediscoveries are the name of the game. Several artists are now going back to Microsoft Paint to try new ideas. In such a scenario, ShowFlipper is offering a huge online playground for the artists to interact, have fun and learn. They allow artists to reach out to other artists around the world. Talk, exchange notes, chat about experiences as you await your art to sell.
All artists, including digital artists earn 90% of the sales proceeds. They also keep the income generated from their page, blog and ‘show’ views. ShowFlipper hopes the unique revenue model will win over many more artists to their side. Meanwhile, ShowFlipper continues to attract more artists/creators to its website.
About ShowFlipper: We are ShowFlipper, an exclusive California-based online platform with a mission to promote and sell the works of emerging artists, authors, and jewellery designers. Our present art categories include books, digital art, sculpture, jewellery, fabric art and fine art. We cater to a staggering number of creators from over 53 countries around the world. ShowFlipper enjoys the attention of an appreciative, constantly growing audience. We have a sound revenue model in place that allows artists to earn and follow their passion. Visit www.showflipper ...

News Release: ShowFlipper is the New Online Choice of Digital Artists
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