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Shield UI introduces JavaScript Framework Shield UI v.1.7.33

Shield UI, a leading software component vendor, has just announced the latest release of JavaScript Framework Shield UI - a next generation JavaScript framework. This full-featured and platform independent framework includes all the tools you need to develop Java-based apps for the web and for mobile devices.

Great for dashboards

The Shield UI Framework is optimized to allow easy creation of dashboards with any sets of data - small and big, static and dynamic. Not only is the framework mature enough to provide tens of widgets, but also it exposes a similar styling mechanism and rich presets. You can check out just one of the available implementations here: .

What is new in the 1.7.33 version:

* Fixed Chart series selection problems in touch devices.
* Fixed Chart datetime axis formatting issues.
* Added Grid column groupTitle and groupHeaderTitle options and made code default to using the column title for group title, when the first two are not set.
* Updated Grid to put edited cells when the edit event is "doubleclick" a single click is made on a non-edited cell.

More information about JavaScript Framework Shield UI can be found at http://www.shieldui.c ...

News Release: Shield UI introduces JavaScript Framework Shield UI v.1.7.33
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