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Shadithya - Best psychiatric hospital in Chennai

Our Vision
We are a group of psychiatrists in Chennai who have obtained formal psychiatric training in London and worked in the UK for more than a decade in

different subspecialties of psychiatry.
Our vision is to offer excellent treatment and care for people with psychiatric disorders of all age groups, from children to older adults and instill

hope in terms of their recovery.
We have a purpose built inpatient unit/ward for patients who are acutely mentally unwell, needing a hospital admission.
We have a dedicated drug and alcohol de-addiction service focused on detoxification, long term recovery and relapse prevention.
We have a highly specialised memory assessment service for people with memory problems, a unique service and the first one of its kind in Chennai.
Our service involves assessment, treatment (short term and long term) and rehabilitation of mental health disorders.
We aim to provide tailored treatment based on the individual needs of patients and their families.
We are good listeners and excellent communicators. We respect and treat patients in a dignified way.
We adopt good medical practice principles like seeking consent from patients, and maintaining confidentiality, in terms of information shared about

We have a good record keeping arrangement in place via a robust hospital management system.

Why Choose Shadithya Hospital ?
Shadithya hospital is an ecofriendly purpose built, fully airconditioned hospital. Special care has been taken to provide safe and soothing ambience to

the people who use our services.
Treatment across various settings – outpatient clinics, inpatient wards and the community.
Dedicated home treatment team for patients who are difficult to engage.
Crisis helpline to offer support to our patients.
Exclusive Psychiatric hospital with highly qualified Psychiatrists in Chennai.
Telepsychiatry consultations via internet for patients and families.
Adopting a biopsychosocial model of treatment focusing not just on medications but also on education to patient, family work, and talking

treatments such as CBT.
Multidisciplinary team approach involving psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, occupational therapy & trained

Working closely in liaison with medical specialties, particularly neurology, general medicine, paediatrics and geriatr ...

News Release: Shadithya - Best psychiatric hospital in Chennai
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