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Seiko 5 Automatic Japan Made SNKP11J1 Men’s Watch

That thing about ‘Sport’:

Seiko introduced its Sport range many moons ago and since then, they only got better. Advanced designs, retro themes or contemporary marvels – there are many to choose. But some among them share elements and concepts from all three eras – something pretty rear outside the Grand Seiko line.

The watch under discussion:

It’s tough being objective about the Seiko 5 Automatic Japan Made SNKP11J1 Men’s Watch. Despite its contemporary origin, the Seiko 5 Automatic Japan Made SNKP11J1 Men’s Watch embraces some of the vintage aesthetics of ‘60s and the ‘70s. It is one of those aspects that turn the mind into a full-on Seiko maniac/obsessive/collector or just a simple fan-boy.

The Seiko 5 Automatic Japan Made SNKP11J1 Men’s Watch has old-school vibes aplenty. Compelling and quite infectious in its choice, he who understands watches shall express enthusiasm at full-tilt for this one. The only way to respond to that excitement would be fulfilling it by wearing one on your wrist.

Futurism shows through the automatic without missing any of the sweet spots. It’s appreciable that the Seiko 5 Automatic Japan Made SNKP11J1 Men’s Watch is not a mere reissue; a re-imaging or re-imagining of any model that existed earlier. Still, it embodies the brand’s true mechanical spirit. You also experience the retro-fun that vintage mechanical Seiko-s offer. To round up, the Seiko 5 200m Automatic Watches are an incredible, true mechanical watch; of a bit of unexpected style and presence.

Prime points:

• Balanced boldness.
• Better finish and materials than fashion watches for the price.
• Mineral crystal covered exhibition case-back.
• A retro movement. The venerable 7S26 is a 21-jewel mechanism that made way both into entry-level and mid-tier watches. It’s incredibly durable, efficient and ingenious.

7S26: Why should you go for it?

• The Magic Lever winding system: Unlike earlier versions with a rotor, the Magic Lever and the pawl wheel, the recent 7S26 bags one extra wheel, adding further simplicity and robustness to the movement without sacrificing functionality. The manual winding was never a part of the 7S26, making it one of the simplest automatics around. It’s the two arms of the Magic Lever that drive the pawl wheel, pulling and pushing it alternately counterclockwise as the intermediate wheel rotates along with the rotor, winding the mainspring. It winds the mainspring arbor one rotation for every 166 turns of the rotor.
• 7S26 is more solid and reliable; absolutely rock-solid you can say.
To end:
The Seiko Automatic 29 Jewels Men’s Watch is a truly democratic timepiece. Whoever buying his first automatic watch, consider it a treat. You’ll own nothing that can be sneezed at. It can’t be given the ‘precious’ distinction alright, but is highly appreciable as a watch to be worn everywhere without curbing your eccentric, special and smiling s ...

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