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Seasoned DUI Lawyers in Riverside County

Subjected to a DUI case in Riverside County can be worse compared to other counties because the first time offenders are also prone to imprisonment. Therefore, you need to hire an efficient DUI lawyer in Riverside County. The penalties for DUI include jail time, fines, probation, suspension of driving license and you need to attend drug/alcohol program.

When you are imposed with a DUI case, you must be very conscious in answering the questions asked by the police officer. Lawyers’ advice you not to reveal any information to them since it may even turn against you. Basic personal details can be answered and that too in a respectful manner. Once you come to know that you are suspected for DUI, you should get the help of a lawyer. In their presence, you can then do the further procedures. There is no need for you to perform field Sobriety test and Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test. But you need to undergo breath or blood test in the station.

When you look to hire a DUI lawyer, you must consider certain factors. The lawyer with preferable years of experience will have good knowledge in the case and will know the outcomes of it. DUI laws change from time to time and will differ in each state and therefore you need to get the help of the lawyer in the local county.

DUI Process
There is two process in Riverside County for DUI cases namely, criminal process and administrative process. The first time you appear in court is said to be an arraignment. This can also be utilized to arrange for pre-trial. You need to come up with the plea of not guilty or guilty. During pre-trial, the lawyer will gather evidence and perform an investigation. They will also review the police reports.

When you don’t come to an end during pre-trial, you can take the case to court for trial.
When you have your license suspended temporarily by the police officer, you need to schedule for DMV hearing to avoid permanent suspension of your license. You need to attend this hearing within ten days time from the suspension of your license. To know more, visit ...

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