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Rubber-Cal Launches Newest Range of Anti Slip Rubber Mats with 50% off on Phone Orders Only

Santa Ana, USA, Feb 2018 – Be it about the quality or durability, Rubber-Cal has always ensured that every rubber product on offer gives value to the customer and is environmentally friendly. More and more people are opting for rubber flooring, and most buyers make the choice for the long-term benefits rubber can provide.

Rubber-Cal offers quality products at the best prices. The latest in superb value offerings from the company are Anti-Slip Rubber Mats with 50% off. Buyers can purchase these anti-slip mats at 50% off their usual price, only on phone orders. Here are two of the amazing anti-slip products which are long lasting and easy to use.

Corrugated Fine Rib Rubber Runner Mats:

These anti-slip rubber mats are an excellent option for any floor, that can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas. Most people use these mats in outdoor spaces because the Butadiene Rubber (SBR) material is moisture resistant. These runner mats are available in different lengths, ranging from 3 ft to 50 ft. Some of the key features of these mats are:

• Scrape Shoes Clean: These runner mats are ideal for keeping indoor areas clean. They feature rubber ribs which people can use to scrape the bottoms of their shoes and keep them clean. These ribs are durable and are built to last.

• Better Foot Traction: These rib runner mats increase the traction against the feet. The ribs add grip to keep feet secure. Even if the shoes or feet are wet, it still offers plenty of grip.

Diamond Plate Roll Rubber Matting:

These rubber mats are designed for commercial and industrial floor usage. The product is extremely versatile with a professional aesthetic and the durability to stand up to rough retail floor use. Some of the benefits are:

• Excellent Protection: Using this rubber mat might be the best option for people with base flooring, such as wood and tile, that can be easily damaged. These diamond plate floor mats are designed to absorb shock and pressure.

• Easy Cleaning: The best thing about the Diamond Plate Roll Rubber Matting is its easy cleaning feature. It has moisture resistance preventing the nasty mold and mildew that can form on other surfaces.

Rubber-Cal is one of the leading industrial rubbers making company in the US, and each of its rubber products come with excellent features. Their products are high in quality, eco-friendly and cost-effective. To find out more about their rubber mats visit

About The Brand

Founded in 1994, Rubber Cal is a leading industrial rubber company in the US, offering state-of-the-art products including floor mats, industrial rubber sheets, flexible ducting, and rubberized flooring solutions. Their products are known across the market for being high in quality and affordability. They frequently come up with various lucrative deals and discounts on their signature products as well, making it easy for clients to make bulk purchases for protecting their floors.

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News Release: Rubber-Cal Launches Newest Range of Anti Slip Rubber Mats with 50% off on Phone Orders Only
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