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Slowly but steadily automation has seen a growing adoption by companies worldwide. Automation of both business and computing processes are being implemented strategically - a move that many compares to the growth of offshoring and outsourcing that took place during the eighties. Deployment of technology that has the potential to disrupt the way businesses work now and transform the digital dialog, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the next big thing.
Talking about the RPA, the greatest benefits have been in the area of quality, compliance, performance, and risk management. Companies like Aarago and Ascension Health as well as consultants like KPMG and Gartner report that implementation of the RPA has seen not only cost savings but has helped speed up processes. In addition, the reliability of performance and assurance of adherence to regulatory requirements is pushing business to adopt RPA faster. Since it helps with performance of repetitive tasks, businesses are freeing up resources who were otherwise engaged in tedious processes to redeploy them where human decision-making capabilities and value-addition are required.

The technology
RPA is a robot-like software that is configured to understand existing methods and then be able to automatically execute those processes. For this, the software is trained by using methods that help them capture the steps to perform a process, interpret what those things achieve, then use that knowledge to create transactions, work with data, communicate with systems and thus help achieve business outcomes. The potential is huge, especially in processes that are repetitive like a customer support, remote infrastructure support, common banking functions, accounting, and many others.
The way these are built is interesting. To obtain data or steps, methods like to screen scraping, digital image recognition, or server access are used. Post that, rules are built to help them understand what needs to be done and in what sequence. These tools are able to work off the user interface layer, thus requiring minimal IT intervention. Combining the benefits of process automation software integrated with the capabilities of artificial intelligence, RPA is a powerhouse that can trigger immense benefits for busines ...

News Release: Robotic Process Automation - ezBot
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