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Restructuring Advisory Group Announces $3,000,000 Loan Commitment to Refinance Chapter 11 Property.

April 5, 2017: Pittsburgh, PA. Restructuring Advisory Group or a Chapter 11 Expert, and expert in CMBS Loan Restructuring, Chapter 11 Finance, Debtor in Possession Financing Commercial Loan Modifications and funding Chapter 11 Reorganizations today announced it has procured a $3M Loan Commitment to fund an SBA loan secured by a car wash in Pennsylvania. The loan proceeds will be utilized to pay the principal balance due under a Chapter 11 reorganization plan that required the restructured loans be paid off in the 36th month of the plan.

The funds will also be utilized to install solar panels so that the Subject Property meets the SBA 504 energy public policy goals as described in the Small Business Investment Act, Section 501(d)(3) as (I), (J), and (K) and Section 502(2) A (iv) and (v).

Over a 30-year period, Restructuring Advisory Group has established a nationwide network of banks and financial institutions with whom the Company underwrites loans for its Chapter 11 clients, thereby offering market rate financing for companies and commercial real estate owners who have emerged from or are emerging from Chapter 11.

In this particular financing, the bank is funding the loan at a 6% interest and zero points to a Borrower who previously filed Chapter 11 as an individual and who also filed Chapter 11 on 2 of his partnerships.

For over 25 years, Restructuring Advisory Group has negotiated the discount, refinance, modification and restructure of nearly three quarters of a billion dollars in loans with major banks and financial institutions nationwide.

The company has long standing relationships at the decision-making levels of major financial institutions and its’ trademark negotiating strategies are much more efficient, time-saving and cost effective than battling the banks with and through legions of lawyers.

Restructuring Advisory Group offers free initial consultations and is an expert in writing Chapter 11 plans, and turn-around plans and in navigating and demystifying the complex legal and financial issues that confront businesses and real estate investors as they face the challenges of Chapter 11 and or the complexities of negotiating Forbearance Agreements.

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News Release: Restructuring Advisory Group Announces $3,000,000 Loan Commitment to Refinance Chapter 11 Property.
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