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Residential And Commercial Flooring Solutions Available At Bainton Flooring!

Bainton Flooring (, one of the UK’s top flooring contractors, proudly presents the solutions they have for both residential and commercial clients. This company takes pride in its capability to provide not just high-quality flooring materials but exceptional fitting services as well.

For many property owners, flooring is one of the elements that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s because sturdy and good-looking floors can significantly improve the overall value of an establishment. Bainton Flooring seconds this notion, and that’s why this company aims to deliver timeless and outstanding flooring solutions to everyone, regardless if they own a residential or commercial property.

For those who want to beautify their homes, Bainton Flooring offers a wide range of flooring products to suit any style of house. From luxury vinyl tiles, rubber flooring, carpets, to hardwood floors, this company can provide appropriate solutions to every residential need there is. What’s more, the products they supply aren’t just of great quality but reasonably-priced too. According to the team, “When we quote for a job, our detailed process and years of experience mean we will quote the price for the work to be completed, no hidden extras or nasty surprises. The price quoted is the price you pay”. This only means that clients will never have to worry about flooring solutions that may exhaust their funds.

Apart from remarkable offerings for residential property owners, Bainton Flooring is also known for the first-rate products and services they provide to the commercial market. Using their high level of professionalism and attention to detail, they are able to work on commercial projects of all types and sizes. In fact, they have already worked with a few high street brands like Apple, Victoria’s Secret, River Island, H&M, and more.

With over 50 years of experience supplying and fitting flooring solutions to many homes and commercial establishments, Bainton Flooring has gained a good reputation in the field. This is only one of the reasons why they have been considered as one of the most trusted flooring contractors today.

There’s a lot to know more about this company and their top-notch flooring solutions. For more information, just head over their website at

About Bainton Flooring

Bainton Flooring is the company you can rely on when it comes to any residential or commercial flooring need. They are partnered with reputable flooring manufacturers, and so you’re certain to receive only the best products for your flooring project. Also, Bainton Flooring is knowledgeable of fitting these materials professionally, saving you from the hassle of installing the flooring yourself. This company has a lot more to offer both residential and commercial clients. For more details, visit their website at If you have further enquiries, you may speak to one of their representatives by calling at (+44) 01202 513 ...

News Release: Residential And Commercial Flooring Solutions Available At Bainton Flooring!
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