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Repair and Maintain Your Computer with Active@ Boot Disk

LSoft Technologies has just launched version 12.0 of its industry-leading disk utility tools, Active@ Boot Disk. The latest edition offers the full range of hard drive maintenance tools, including updated versions of Disk Monitor, Disk Editor, Partition Manager and KillDisk. Other improvements include the latest version of WinPE, based on Windows 10 Service Pack 1, improvements to the Boot Disk Creator utility and improved support for high resolution displays. As always, there are also plenty of minor bug fixes and improvements.

Since Active@ Boot Disk operates independently of your operating system, it allows you to boot up your computer even if there is no hard drive or operating system installed. This makes it ideal for performing various low-level disk maintenance and repair operations that cannot be carried out when you are booted up into Windows or any other operating system. For example, you can use this opportunity to safely eradicate deleted data so that it can never be recovered or, conversely, you can recover any recoverable data still stored on the hard drive.

Operating independently of your hard drive, Active@ Boot Disk provides its own operating environment that features a familiar and user-friendly interface as well as all the common apps you're used to. In addition to its advanced disk utilities, it also provides a web browser, FTP client, Telnet client, calculator, notepad, document viewer, image viewer and several other useful utilities. To learn more about Active@ Boot Disk, visit to ...

News Release: Repair and Maintain Your Computer with Active@ Boot Disk
Submitted on: January 25, 2018 07:56:13 AM
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