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Rely on the Best Transcription Services of Triple A Transcription

Outsourcing the task of transcription to a third-party organisation is considered smart especially when an entrepreneur does not have a competent in-house team. Are you still sceptical regarding this notion? If yes, please do take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers. Here I have stated the remarkable benefits that you can relish from subcontracting.

• Save money.
• Save time.
• Opportunity to work with accomplished and experienced staff members.
• Flexibility.
• Guaranteed standard outputs.
• Reliability.
• Customisable and timely deliveries.

Now that you are aware of the many advantages, it is time to choose a well-established agency that has been operating for quite some time now. While there are a myriad of options readily available, the first name to crop in one’s mind is of Triple A Transcription. Let us explore more about the company in details.
About Triple A Transcription

Triple A Transcription was primarily founded so that clients can gain access to affordable services that assure conveyance of quality outputs within a short period of time. Located in Australia, it can cater to the requirements and fulfil expectation of diverse industrial sectors.
The professionals working in the said agency are known to provide transcription services to the following domains:

• General Business
1. Conference calls.
2. Dictation notes.
3. Focus groups.
4. Market research.
5. Video conference.
6. Webcasts.
7. Webinars.
8. Interviews.
9. Insurance.
10. Keynote address.

• Media
1. Reality TV.
2. Post-production.
3. Video captions.
5. Podcasts.

• Non-Profit or Academic
1. Dissertation.
2. Thesis Notes.
3. Speeches.
4. Student notes.
5. Lectures.
6. Grants.
7. Oral history.
8.Student notes.

Tips to Record an Audio for Transcription

The talented team of Triple A Transcription are known to offer some useful tips, which would help the clients to record a standard audio and hence expect amazing transcripts.

•It is important to conduct the recording process in a sound-proof room so that unnecessary background noises could be eliminated.
•In case there are multiple speakers, make sure that only one speaks at a time.
•For exceptional audios, it is mandatory to use external microphones of good quality.
•The microphones must be placed in a proper direction to acquire exceptional clarity.
•The speakers should be asked to talk at a steady and comfortable pace.
Why Choose Triple A Transcription?

Triple A Transcription is the first choice of many probably because this organisation is capable of meeting all the needs and expectations of clients. Although the bespoke services are provided at a reasonable price, they are of optimal quality. The experienced and competent professionals work with utmost dedication so that best possible results could be generated. To gauge the level of efficiency, aspiring clientele can check out the testimonial section on their official website.

To know more, please do contact:

+61 02 8003 4117(8:30am - 9:30pm) ...

News Release: Rely on the Best Transcription Services of Triple A Transcription
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