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Realism with a message that wakes up your conscience; on display at the first International Kala Mela 2018

New Delhi, 4th February: Lalit Kala Akademi, which has a reputation for going after art that promotes not only the culture of the country but also showcases the work of domestic artists, is been organized in Delhi at the Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts (IGNCA)
from 4th to 18th February. An ensemble of varied forms of art are on display from all over the world, especially Europe and USA.
Amidst the undulating strokes of brushes soaked in oil paints with hues of life, environment and being present conscious much before we become future-ready, is the impressionist
foray of Manavi Prabha.
Manavi’s consciousness towards reading between the heartbeats of life is what echoes with the fine strokes of brush on her canvas. Her series aptly named ‘The Conscious Me’ is a embodiment of a few things we skip in between hopping from one day to another. Her penchant for scribbling blossomed in early childhood triggered from Jughead of the ‘Archies’ series and continued to inspire her through formal education in art. A Gold Medal in Master in Art, and a PhD for her Research Work on Child Art and its importance in 2012 are emblems of her devotion to expression through art.
Her early works include illustrating books for children published by Bookman India and noteworthy contributions to various web based digital magazines. Her miniature work is in the collection of the Indian Navy, Cochin. In 2006, she was accorded a Special Award for
her oil on canvas ‘The Life’ at the art exhibition ‘Kala Sangam’.
Manavi believes that ‘Art is not what you see on canvas. All that exists around us is art. Acanvas only embodies parts of it for us to muse over and reflect upon, before we move on to the next canvas ­ which could be a place, a thought or just the next moment.’
Visit Manavi Prabha and her expressions of realism at Stall 232.
Venue-Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts
Event Name-First International Kala Mela 2018
Organizer-- Lalit Kala Akademi
Date:4th to 18th Feb 2018
Stall Number: 232 Manavi Pr ...

News Release: Realism with a message that wakes up your conscience; on display at the first International Kala Mela 2018
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