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Quickbooks Users Can Now Use The 71lbs Shipping Refunds App

Mountain View, California, March 03, 2018 -- 71lbs, the FedEx & shipping refunds service, has recently announced a QuickBooks online app. This would help in offering a shipping refund with dispatches of UPS & FedEx. In case the package is delivered late even by a minute, then companies are entitled to a 100 percent refund. As far as the carriers' guaranteed policy is concerned, it is applicable to ground, overnight and international shipments.

Moving ahead, 71lbs would offer the most convenient way to get due refunds. This is because individuals were unable to claim more than $2 billion dollars every year.

As per the Vice President of QuickBooks Small Business Group, the service has helped many organizations receive thousands of dollars. The excitement has built when the service is offered to accounting partners. Eventually, the policy would be useful because the customers would receive shipping savings. This was evident from the statements of Patrick Mobley who is a QBO customer. He said that 71lbs was certainly a good application. It helped to get back $500 in refunds, but through the Shipping Analytics dashboard, he was in a better position to settle on a discount as much as 18 to 39 percent. As he stayed focus on growing his business, 71lbs helped to gain every single penny.

Today, Jose Li, CEO & Founder of 71lbs, is happy to strive with a mission of democratizing shipments for SMEs. As the excitement stirred up, small and medium size businesses were able to save money and help merchants to comprehend the shipping costs.

Contact the QuickBooks support team to know more about the app.

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News Release: Quickbooks Users Can Now Use The 71lbs Shipping Refunds App
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