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production vidéo Lausanne

production vidéo Lausanne
Welcome to Smart Cuts

Smart Cuts is a video and animation Production Company based in Lausanne, Switzerland that produces quality,affordable content for the web, TV and live events. Smart Cuts offers interactive video, animation and infographics.
We’re here to help you speak through light, color and sound. Video, animation, virtual reality, interactive designs, events coverage, live web-streaming and much more. We make it happen smoothly. Smart Cuts has been active since 2008 in the Lake Geneva region. We work in both English and French and at very reasonable rates. Get in touch to discuss your project. It’s free, and if you’re happy with what you hear, we roll. production vidéo Lausanne
Smart Cuts is an up-and-coming player on the video production scene in the Lake Geneva region. Created in 2008 to meet demand for affordable video and animation production, our business model is designed to keep costs as low as possible without affecting quality. This means we limit overhead and function as a network of skilled professionals. Our core team is constantly trawling for young, dynamic talent that’s up on the latest audiovisual trends and technologies. By combining their fresh, creative energy with the experienced management of our core team, we make sure you get the very best at a price you’ll find hard to beat.
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At Smart Cuts quality and flexibility are the guiding principles for all productions. We know you want the best, but we also know you’ve got time and budget constraints. Our commitment to you is to walk the fine line between getting the job done well and sticking to your limits.
Video production
Video is the core of our business. Smart Cuts provides experienced producers and camera crews for the following services:
Concept design – assistance finding effective, original ideas
Storytelling – journalistic script writing experience in both English and French
Showcase videos – highlighting organizations and companies
Advertising – showcasing projects or products
Training videos – improving internal communications
Explainer videos – explaining programs, concepts and campaigns
Interviews – shot in-house or at our studio
The Quote
With an accurate brief in hand, we can send you an accurate quote. As most productions can be tailored to fit a certain budget, it’s often best to tell us how much you can spend. We can then suggest the more cost-effective approach or style. For example we might say, “Ah, for that budget we could do this animation in 3D,” or “Oh, for that budget we should stick to motion graphics.”
If you prefer a quote, no problem. We send, and that’s when you scream “What?! That much? Let’s get Communications to do it.” Before you take that route, though, take a look at this quality comparison.
Hmm, right?
That said, in-house video production can be a great solution in some cases, but a bit of training is often required for best results. If you’re interested in the in-house route, we’re happy to help: Smartcuts training.
Even though production costs vary a lot, here’s a rough idea of prices.
Finally, if it’s an animation you’re looking for, then at this point we may need to figure out what style you have in mind in order to provide you with an accurate quote. In that case we’ll send you an animation sampler so that we can all get a better idea of what you’d like your film to look like.
Smart Cuts Ltd, Place Chauderon 24, CH - 1003 Lausanne
021 311 9845
078 672 6645
More Information : http://www.smartcuts ...

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