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Product descriptions that convert

How to write product descriptions that converts visitors to sales. Tips and techniques for ecommerce merchants in time for the holidays shopping season.
Dallas, TX – Oct 15, 2017. Blogger Khan has published a new article featuring tips on how to convert product descriptions into sales. Includes advice on language and tone + situational explanations.
According to Mr. Babar, a spokesperson for Blogger Khan, “One needs to practice writing good product descriptions that explain all the unique features of the product, how those features benefit the reader and what type of situations the product is better suited for.”
“If possible, create a video showing the product in use. If that is not possible, include multiple pictures from various angles to give the reader a much better idea about the product”.
Babar further adds, “Strategic use of keywords, high quality photographs, usage videos and other SEO best practices are also beneficial from both the readers and the search engines point off view.”
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News Release: Product descriptions that convert
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