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Portia’s Partnership Savings Plan proudly announces incredible Loan Services

Thursday, October 26, 2017 (London, UK) - Portia’s Partnership Savings Plan announced loan services for their valuable members. They can now get a secured or unsecured loan for as little as £50 to £2000 on their savings and the best part is that there is no requirement to produce any paperwork or a credit history. The main focus of this service is to facilitate their members as much as possible. This personal investment plan will help the members aid their needs by pooling money in it whenever needed.
Portia’s Partnership Savings Plan offers help to UK-based people from Afro Caribbean and Asian backgrounds, whether they are middle income families who need help learning how to save; have limited access to credit; are low income; are people who want access to quick cash in emergency situation without the need of a credit history or people who find it difficult to save normally and want to actively save in ‘pardna group.’ They offer weekly, monthly, fortnightly and five week personal investment plan. The shortest investment runs for 10 weeks and the longest investment runs for 10 months.
Due to their amazing reputation and popularity among masses, people are actually satisfied with their services and the business seems to be growing. One of their satisfied customers said “I approached your club with an open mind when my friend told me about it, since I joined, it has encouraged me to save money to pay for my lawyer and university fee in no time. I am delighted that I came across such an organisation which has made a great difference to me.”
As a member of the club, anyone is eligible for emergency loans. Loans are called ‘early draws’ and loan repayments are referred to as ‘hands’.
About Portia’s Partnerships Savings Club
Portia’s Partnership Savings Club, a UK-based first commercial Partner (Pardna) firm is dedicated to assisting low-income individuals and families in developing smart savings plans. The main focus of this partnership plan is to provide a convenient and reliable partner scheme to individuals. Furthermore, Portia believes that this system of saving money promotes responsibility among masses.
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Company Phone Number & Email Address: +44 7956970409, +44 2033725175
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News Release: Portia’s Partnership Savings Plan proudly announces incredible Loan Services
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