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Points To Remember While Selecting Outdoor Venues For Wedding

Selecting the right venue for the purpose occupies an integral position in the pre-planning. Wedding Venues In Bangalore are aplenty and off late, Outdoor Wedding Venues In Bangalore are grabbing the limelight. It adds that much desired for aesthetic to your day and is also more comfortable than a closed setting.

Venues like The Temple Tree Leisure Bangalore, Hotel Taj West End Bangalore, Miraya Gardens Bangalore or the ITC Gardenia Bangalore are picturesque places that can amplify the grandeur of your D-day and we are going to help you with just that. If you are confused by a large number of options out there, count on us as we get you out of such indecision. Read on as we guide you through the major things that you should keep in mind before selecting Garden Wedding Venues In Bangalore.

Guest Capacity: Always keep your number of guests who are going to grace the occasion before selecting the venue. The key is to not suffocate your guests by congesting them in a restricted place. Always tally the guest count and convey them to the wedding location authorities. Proceed only after a nod from their end. If there are children who would be visiting the wedding, ensure there are no deep pools around.

Facilities Available: Go through the facilities provided by the wedding venue before finalizing it. Since it shall be an outdoor venue, there should be some extra points to be borne in mind. Mother Nature can shock you anytime! Ensure that each table has an umbrella or there is provision for such in case of an emergency. Also, check for WiFi availability, restroom availability, and cleanliness. In case of heavy rain, wind or storm there should always be a proper shelter where guests can take refuge. Also, check with the caterer and the placing of food. If the food is also to be served in the garden, ensure that it is kept safely in a clean and hygienic place, covered.

Lighting And Electricity: Since the venue is under the open sky, you cannot just use anything. Candles and lamps, if used, should be placed very carefully. They should however never be kept in the guest area because a wind might make stuff catch fire. You definitely do not want such a mayhem to ruin the day for you. Always check for availability of backup, the arrangement of generators and the lighting arrangement for the day. Also, let an electrician survey the venue to minimise the power consumption.

Do Not Freak Out, But Always Have A Plan B: Always has an alternate plan ready in case of worst case scenarios like bad weather accounting to a heavy downpour or unmanageable storms. If the venue also has an indoor location at the venue, then that definitely is a plus.
We wish your wedding & wedding Decorations becomes a grand success.

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