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PODS® Wisconsin Offers Tips for Summer Moves with Children

As the unofficial start of summer hits, families are packing, moving and relocating to new homes. According to the Census Bureau, nearly half of all moves take place during the summer months of June through September. To help families help their children handle the stress and uncertainty during the move, PODS Wisconsin offers a number of tips and things to watch for when moving with children:

? Plan ahead. Talk to children about moving plans, develop a graphic of their new room and home, and make a map of new schools, parks, playgrounds, and other features.
? Make it fun. Make a map of the route to their new home, showing sights along the way. Plan a “family camp” the first night in the new home. Make unpacking a scavenger hunt, by having kids look for hidden items among their belongings. Try making a puzzle out of rearranging the new home.
? Keep it safe. Especially for very young children, having dangerous items like knives, saws, cleaning fluids or even electronics loose and unprotected can be hazardous, but can also be unavoidable during packing or unpacking. Make sure these items are secure as possible. Also, follow children for about half an hour as they explore new surroundings, making note of what attracts them.

How PODS unique containers and services can help.

PODS moving and storage methods provide unique and effective ways to help ease the disruption and anxiety of moving with children.

? Pack and unpack on your schedule. This makes it easier to arrange moving around children’s activities, and can provide more time for planning and family discussions. When ready to unpack, you’ll have to help your children adjust to your new home.
? Storage to match your priorities. If the new home isn’t ready yet, you can store your PODS containers at one of our secure Storage Centers nationwide. This may allow for a mini-vacation with the children, and more time to prepare for your new surroundings.
? Load and unload without high ramps. PODS containers are at ground level, so it’s easier to get the kids to help with packing and unpacking.
? Get just the right container. Every move is different, and different houses require different containers. Having the right sizes will make packing and unpacking easier and faster, giving more time for your kids.
? Get in touch with Customer Service. Our moving consultants are experts at the challenges of relocating. You can get advice just a phone call away, for nearly every situation.

“We want to make the move for our client and their families a seamless and relaxing experience for them, with our dependable moving and storage options,” says John Hudson, managing partner of PODS® Wisconsin “Our dependable moving and storage options offers our clients the flexibility while providing a ‘moving bridge’ for families while the transition between houses is going on, making the task of moving an easy process.”

About PODS Wisconsin

PODS Wisconsin is a large independently-owned franchise of PODS Enterprises, LLC, and is the leading provider of moving and storage services to residents and businesses throughout the greater Wisconsin area. PODS® is a leader in the moving and storage industry providing both residential and commercial services in 46 U.S. states, Canada, Australia and the UK. Founded in 1998, PODS pioneered the portable moving and storage industry now preferred by many customers’ increasingly active and mobile lifestyles. To date, the PODS network has completed more than 600,000 long-distance moves, exceeded 3 million deliveries and has more than 160,000 PODS containers in serv ...

News Release: PODS® Wisconsin Offers Tips for Summer Moves with Children
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