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Photo Enhancement Service

Photographs, whether of individuals or products, need to convey the message better than written speech. Images of products posted on online stores need to make them appear irresistible to the customers while images of people posted on social media or any other platform must be perfect to have a good impression on friends and family. Wedding and family photographs are highly cherished and everyone wants them to be of the best quality.
The photograph can have some imperfections related to background, color contrast, sharpness, etc. even when shot by a professional photographer. Therefore, getting an image enhancement service agency to work on the photograph is a desirable option. The professional photograph specialists of such agencies know what to look for in a photograph and possess the necessary skills and tools to eliminate all kinds of imperfections from the photographs.
What kinds of services are offered?
The various photo enhancement service agencies use the following methods to enhance the image quality.
Color correction
The color gradients are adjusted according to the optimum color tone curve for each and every color. The correct color balance, brightness and contrast are all achieved professionally.
Cropping images
Large sized images are made smaller for various purposes by cropping. The scale remains unchanged and the image does not become disproportionate. Cropping also removes black and white borders along with other unwanted elements near the edges of the photograph. Cropping also improves framing and corrects unbalanced images.
Background editing
Unfavorable background in a photograph tends to take the attention away from the main image. The photo enhancement services digitally remove the unwanted background and replace it with a white or black background to enhance the visual appeal of the central image. Extra elements can also be incorporated into the background according to the requirements of the customer. A dramatic background is even more suitable for product images.
Skin enhancement
Portraits of individuals especially the ones shot with a high resolution camera tend to prominently showcase various blemishes on the skin such as sunburns, pimples, spots, freckles, etc. This is a source of embarrassment for the person photographed. The image enhancement services have a solution for this as well. There are many digital techniques which remove all such blemishes from the skin in the photograph. Even dark circles under the eyes can be removed easily. Skin toning and makeup enhancement are also possible. Consequently, what appears is a flawless skin in the photograph. The person appears more attractive in the photograph.
Face and body editing
The photo enhancement services can make the body look slim in the photograph by altering the body proportions using various tools. The size and shape of the face can also be changed with ease.
Changing density
Due to variations in color density and contrast, the skin tone and color of other objects in the photograph may appear different than reality. The density is corrected to obtain uniformity in density.

Most of the photo enhancement service agencies operate online. The photos to be corrected can be easily uploaded to their websites in various formats. The enhanced images are directly sent to the email addresses of the customers.

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