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Phone Intimacy Tips for Tumescent Member Relief

There’s nothing that really beats one-on-one, face-to-face intimacy. That “here and now” experience can result not just in incredible sensual activity but in a deepening of bonds. But there are inevitably times when two people who are sensually involved cannot be physically with each other. Fortunately, there are other options for such times, such as engaging in a little frisky phone intimacy. And while it is not the same as in-person coupling, it can make a nice change-of-pace every now and then. Giving that tumescent member sufficient exercise also supports male organ health (, so men should definitely consider phone intimacy as an alternative when distance is an issue.

Phone intimacy can be a lifesaver when one partner is on an extended trip, but it can even come in handy when schedules simply keep two people separated by a few miles. For those who want to up their game in the phone intimacy category, the following tips should be helpful.

• Get a good connection to get connected. Mood and atmosphere count for a lot when talking sensually with a partner – and that atmosphere can be dampened when signals fail or lines cut out. Be sure cell phones are well charged and both parties are in an area with the best available connection.

• Consider the skill set. Some people are great improvisers and like nothing better than “winging it.” They draw inspiration from the moment and build upon that inspiration. Other people prefer to have things thought out and scripted as much as possible. People who are not improvisational may want to have notes and phrases ready and to have considered pathways the conversation might take.

• Be nervous. Especially if a person has never engaged in phone intimacy, the first time or two can be awkward. That’s okay. Start small and light, talking about general topics before easing into sensual territory. If either partner feels nervous or giggly, let that out and acknowledge it, then move on.

• Ask questions and give hints. No matter how insistent a guy’s tumescent member may be, phone intimacy isn’t all about him. Both parties need to ask questions to find out if the other is enjoying themselves. They also need to give hints that what the other person is doing is working or else suggest other things that might work better.

• Talk dirty. The whole point of phone intimacy is to use words and vocal inflections to create a sensual situation. The parties shouldn’t be afraid to use appropriately sensual language; however, if there are certain words that one person finds offensive or a turn-off, they should let the other know that – in advance of the call, if possible.

• Work on setting. Even though the partners are not in the same room, they may want to create a romantic atmosphere in each of their spaces. It’s often easier to feel sensual when the lights are low and a person is stretched out on a soft bed than in a bright room sitting in a hard backed chair.

• Use assistance. If having a sensual conversation about coupling in the here-and-now feels too awkward, try a substitute. One of the partners can make up a story involving two fictional people who can be stand-ins for the couple themselves. Alternatively, one partner can read aloud from a sensual story. Or both can dial up the same adult website and watch a video together, commenting on the activities onscreen.

Phone intimacy is an excellent way to reward a tumescent member while connecting with a special mate. That manhood will be even happier if he’s been following a daily regimen that includes application of a first class male organ health crème ( health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The best crèmes will include vitamin D, the so-called “miracle vitamin” that helps fight disease and supports healthy cellular function. Ideally, the crème will also include L-arginine, an amino acid that helps create nitric oxide which in turn keeps blood vessels open and healthy.

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