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Pai Hospital Presents “The Common Factor To Boost The Fertility” To Help Visitors Maintaining Fertility

Vasco Da Gama, Goa: The gynaecology department of Pai Hospital presents the factors to boost fertility. These factors are collected for couples suffering from infertility, to guide them about the causes and motivate them to live healthy life.

Pai Hospital, one of the leading IVF centres in Goa, presents the factors affecting fertility to create awareness among people, especially for the couples who are facing difficulties in conceiving despite of various treatments. Infertility is considered as a social stigma in India due to which many couples don’t feel comfortable to discuss it with the specialists. The main motive present the points is to educate such couples about the ways to help out from infertility and to motivate them for living healthy lifestyle.

The factors affecting fertility

1. Nutrition

It is important to have a balanced diet, and not only for reasons of infertility. A balanced diet requires the consumption of fruit and vegetables, which boost the immune system. Large quantities of food supplements can affect one’s health, while excessive vitamin A intake can cause birth defects in foetuses.

2. Medication

Medicine should only be taken when necessary because it can affect fertility. With regard to vaccines, couples must check if they have had the necessary vaccines so as to ensure that they have enough antibodies. In the area of contraception, contraceptive pills have no negative effects whatsoever on fertility. On the contrary, intrauterine devices increase the chances of having an ectopic pregnancy, especially in women who have not had children. Vaginal douches are generally not recommended since they can reduce fertility. Lastly, antihistamines can interfere with conception, and antidepressants can, on the one hand, reduce libido and, on the other hand, hinder the production of cervical mucus, which is necessary for fertilization.

3. Temperature

High temperatures, especially in men, high fevers of over 39 degrees over a certain period of time, working in a foundry, etc. can be destructive to sperm.

4. Stress

High stress levels can temporarily reduce one’s chances of conceiving.

5. Severe pain

Severe period pains must be reported to the gynaecologist as they may be caused by endometriosis, thus leading to infertility problems.

Pai Hospital advises to adopt a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, normal body weight and a healthy diet, stop smoking and most importantly visit the gynaecologist regularly. To know more about the various treatment procedures, Visit or call at 07798973345.

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News Release: Pai Hospital Presents “The Common Factor To Boost The Fertility” To Help Visitors Maintaining Fertility
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