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Pai Hospital Presents “The Common Factor Affecting Fertility” To Help Patients Maintaining Fertility

Vasco Da Gama, Goa, Nov’17: The gynaecology department of Pai Hospital presents the factors affecting fertility. These factors are collected for couples suffering from infertility, to guide them about the causes and motivate them to live healthy life.

Pai Hospital, one of the leading IVF centres in Goa, presents the factors affecting fertility to create awareness among people, especially for the couples who are facing difficulties in conceiving despite of various treatments. Infertility is considered as a social stigma in India due to which many couples don’t feel comfortable to discuss it with the specialists. The main motive present the facts is to educate such couples about the causes of infertility and to motivate them for living healthy lifestyle.

The factors affecting fertility.

1. Age

Age is an important factor for women, however increasing age certainly also affects fertility in men. In women, fertility gradually declines after the ages of 35-36, and drops sharply after the age of 39. In men although to a lesser degree sperm quality is affected after the age of 35.

2. Professions, hobbies

Certain professions can pose a risk to fertility, especially among men, by reducing the quality of their sperm. By way of example, coming into contact with large doses of insecticides, X-rays and heavy metals can reduce a man’s sperm count. On the other hand, excessive exercise can reduce the secretion of testosterone, which is why it is best to exercise in moderation.

3. Weight

As analysed extensively in various treated cases, weight also affects fertility, both in women and men. Therefore, one’s body weight must be within the normal range.

4. Smoking, caffeine, alcohol, drugs

Smoking, even passive smoking, can reduce a woman’s fertility by about 40%.Excessive and frequent doses of caffeine and alcohol also increase infertility, while marijuana is known to have a negative effect on sperm production. Lastly, hard drugs (e.g. morphine, cocaine) can cause chromosomal abnormalities.

Pai Hospital advises to adopt a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, normal body weight and a healthy diet, stop smoking and most importantly visit the gynaecologist regularly. To know more about the various treatment procedures, Visit or call at 07798973345.

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News Release: Pai Hospital Presents “The Common Factor Affecting Fertility” To Help Patients Maintaining Fertility
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